Morgan Hopson, CAI

2019 Women’s International Auctioneer Champion

Throughout my childhood, my parent’s ingrained in me that we should support causes that we care about most—causes that are knowledgeable of our community’s and/or industry’s issues and needs, and causes that will make a difference in the lives of others. The National Auctioneers Foundation is exactly that. 

The Foundation is committed to advancing and enriching the auction community. It administers and manages the scholarship funds for many NAA education programs, which allows auction professionals to take the next step in firmly planting their feet in our industry.  

I give to the Foundation because they provide funding for new ideas and programs that help to make a positive impact on our industry. Recently, the Foundation was instrumental in funding a project that allowed the NAA and the National FFA Organization to create a Supervised Agricultural Experience (SAE) for the Auction Industry. Not only have we been able to develop this SAE, but curriculum has also been developed for teachers of students ranging from the third through the eighth grade via the Auction Adventures platform on My American Farm. It’s our hope that more students will explore the auction industry. This project wouldn’t have come to fruition had it not been for the Foundation’s incredible support.  

I give to the Foundation because I want to ensure that long after I’m gone, our industry is supported and we’re able to continue to advance and enrich the auction community and pave the way for the next generation of auctioneers. 

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