Sid Miedema, CAI

The NAA has been essential for the success of many auctioneers. I know it has helped me professionally in many ways. It also has provided me with many lifetime friendships that have enriched my life. Since the Foundation supports many endeavors of the NAA, I count it a privilege to give to the Foundation every year. Here are a few of the endeavors the Foundation supports:

  • Scholarships given to those who are seeking to improve their auction professionalism or are just beginning in the auction industry
  • Educational seminars are held for those of us who are seeking to improve our auction professionalism and better serve our customers and clients
  • Preserving and helping us remember our auction history

As an auction professional, I believe supporting the Foundation is also one of the best business decisions I can make. The Foundation has helped the auction industry grow to be more accepted. Without the Foundation’s support and promotion of the auction industry, there would not have been as many opportunities as we have enjoyed over the past years.

For those of us who appreciate supporting worthwhile causes, the Foundation provides an excellent opportunity to do this. Giving to help an industry that has greatly helped us is enjoyable. Giving to help those just starting out or those seeking to improve is satisfying. Please join me in supporting the Foundation and the auction industry by giving to the National Auctioneers Foundation.

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