A message from the NAA CEO: Aaron Ensminger, CAE

Since coming back to NAA as CEO, I’ve had the distinct pleasure of being able to work with aspects of NAA with which I was never able to before. One of those groups is, of course, the National Auctioneers Foundation. Did you know the Foundation has raised enough for their endowment to effect true change in both the industry and the association? 

We’re all used to the Foundation funding scholarships, which they’ve done for quite a few years. What a lot of folks don’t realize, however, is that since 2020, the Foundation’s endowment has been able to help fund education speakers for NAA. This has affected the quality of education for all members, and it’s elevated everyone’s experience.  

This is even more amazing when you realize that the Foundation isn’t funded by massive corporate donations, as it is with many public foundations. Instead, the National Auctioneers Foundation has been funded exclusively by individual donations from auction professionals just like you. 

So, to all of you who have donated to the Foundation over the years, all I can do is say, “Thank you.” Your sacrifice, your assistance, and your caring has moved everything forward for NAA. Your support has made it possible for NAA to survive and even thrive through the COVID-19 pandemic; it’s helped hundreds of folks get started and learn to build a strong business in this industry we all love; and, today it’s been able to help the entire membership and industry by bringing world class speakers from outside the industry to NAA events so we can learn from the best. 

And to everyone reading this looking for that final push to become a donor, let me simply ask you to please take this moment to join one of the most exclusive and the most valuable groups of NAA members: National Auctioneers Foundation donors. Your donation, remembered forever, will continue to help the industry and auctioneers everywhere for decades after your donation. 

This organization has helped make the NAA what it is today. Help us continue to create excellence by becoming a donor today!

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