Update from the Foundation President: Sid Miedema, CAI

As president of the National Auctioneers Foundation, and on behalf of the trustees of the Foundation, I want to thank you for your generosity shown during the “Pass it Forward” fund raising campaign at the NAA’s Conference & Show in San Diego. We were amazed at your generous support shown for the mission and work of the National Auctioneers Foundation! The approximately $160,000 pledged will be wisely used for helping to improve educational opportunities for all NAA auctioneers and to provide scholarships for those beginning in the auction industry or for those seeking to improve their auction professionalism.

I also would like to thank you personally for providing me with the honor of serving as president of the National Auctioneer’s Foundation this year. With the collective wisdom of an excellent Board of Trustees, we hope to make a difference for NAA auctioneers again this year.

Also, on behalf of the Board of Trustees and the auctioneer members we represent, we want to thank Lois Zielinski. She has supported the auction industry for more than 16 years working at the NAA headquarters. She has decided it is time to step away from her position with us. We will miss the support and wisdom she has provided to us as the National Auctioneers Foundation Administrator. Lois, we will miss you. We wish you all the best and thanks for all you have done for us!

In closing, our work this year as a board will focus on “Honoring our Legacy – Empowering our Future.” Thank you for the support you have shown us that allows us to carry this out!

Sid Miedema

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