National Auction Foundation

National Auction Foundation

Honoring Our Legacy…
Empowering Our Future

Through you we fund the success of our profession from the
rookie to the veteran auctioneer.

Our Beliefs

We are committed to giving back to the industry that provides careers for so many professionals pursuing their passion in the wide and varied field of auctions. As part of that big, extended family, we desire to see our beloved trade passed on to the next generation.

What we do

Give Scholarships

The Foundation provides funds for educational scholarships to further the knowledge and learning of members of our auction family and beyond. 

Fund Education

To continue giving our industry members a leading edge, we have provided funding assistance for speakers at education events. Because of COVID-19, in 2020, the Foundation sponsored the entire NAA education program.

Curate Auction History

We collect and preserve memorabilia and historical documentation from our rich auction history.

From the Foundation

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Michael Upp

Fifteen years ago, I joined Mitch-Stuart to serve the non-profit community and help them raise money. Within six months, I experienced firsthand the impact professional…