NAA Education Scholarships

International Auctioneers Conference & Show
Established in 2015, scholarships are awarded for pre-conference and conference opportunities. 

Scholarship application period currently closed.

Designation Academy
One scholarship per designation is awarded annually toward registration at AARE, AMM, BAS and CES classes.
Applications open Sept. 1, 2021

Certified Auctioneers Institute
Scholarships are awarded annually for CAI I and CAI II.
Application open Sept. 1, 2021.

Benefit Auction Summit
One scholarship is awarded annually for the Benefit Auction Summit.

Apply Now

Potential scholarship applicants are judged on the completeness and quality of their application and references. Preference is given to individuals who earn 100% of their income from the auction industry and/or who work full-time in the industry.

PLEASE NOTE: An individual may only receive a maximum of one (1) scholarship from the National Auctioneers Foundation over the course of a lifetime.