John (John John) Genovese, III, CAI, AMM, BAS

The education and assistance within this industry I have received can hardly be put into simple words. As a recipient of a scholarship in the past, I can say without a doubt that the Foundation has been instrumental in my personal and business development. 

I donate because the value of the Foundation cannot be ascribed to a monetary donation—it’s not about the cost of supporting, but rather, the cost of not supporting. It is about the betterment of our peers and future auction leaders. The auctioneers who support the Foundation really are supporting our industry as a whole.

I may not be able to donate as much as others, but I find it important to show appreciation to the organization that has supported me upon the entrance to this wonderful industry. I don’t view my support as a matter of dollars, but of ensuring that I have invested in the progress of our industry.

I would encourage all auction professionals that are proud of our association and grateful for the support you have been given to do the same.

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