Damien Massart, CAI, AMM, BAS, GPPA

Growing up as a child, my parents taught my three sisters and me many things, including the lesson of giving to receive. As a child, I didn’t fully understand what this meant; however, as the years went by, I slowly began to fully understand and embrace this concept, both in my personal life and in my profession.

I realized that giving could come in many forms, including money, time, or talent. Receiving came in various forms. Through giving, I have made new friendships, gained priceless knowledge, and of course, larger commissions and so much more.

As a professional in the auction industry, I believe it to be a privilege to give to the Foundation so it can carry out its mission and support programs such as:

  • Scholarships for emerging auctioneers in our industry and those seeking to advance in the auction profession
  • Educational seminars for those seeking to improve their auction professionalism, and find new ways to serve our clients and customers better
  • Preserving and helping us remember our auction history

I support the Foundation and the NAA by contributing, participating, and being active as a member. I am happy to give, knowing without a doubt that I will receive so much more in return. Please join me in supporting the Foundation and the entire auction method of marketing by giving to the National Auctioneers Foundation.

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