Terri Walker, CAI, BAS, CES

This time of year is always so busy with the beginning of school, ball games, season changes and, of course, work. It appears everyone is always asking for money, or time or an ear of which to bend. Well, I want your ear and time to share some thoughts I have about Foundation giving. 

Our Foundation—yes it does belong to us, it is ours. It’s our education, and our education is great! It’s our networking, and our networking is fabulous. As a matter of fact, I just signed a contract with a client obtained from an NAA member. It’s our future and this is something we really need to think about. The future of the auction industry is important no matter what your age is. The Foundation has given us an opportunity to leave a legacy so the industry we love will continue. Let’s play a role in that continuation today. The best way to play that role is in how we give or plan to give to the Foundation. The giving at the 2022 Conference & Show Pass it Forward was more generous than anyone could have imagined. Thank you to each and every member who was willing to step up and give. My desire is that each member will begin planning now for next year’s Pass it Forward.

As you are thinking about next years Pass it Forward, let me give you some encouragement. The auction industry is strong and each year the Foundation helps to keep us moving in the right direction. The Foundation is very encouraging as scholarships are freely given to many auctioneers who we feel are our industry’s future. This future of auctioneers and auction entrepreneurs are those we want to help when they need help. We want to be available as new education or designation programs are planned. You can help with this. You can give at any moment or start planning for next year’s Conference & Show. YOU WILL MAKE THE DIFFERENCE. It is our responsibility to provide a way, and with you, we can provide that way!

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