Michael Upp

Fifteen years ago, I joined Mitch-Stuart to serve the non-profit community and help them raise money. Within six months, I experienced firsthand the impact professional auctioneers made on a non-profit organization’s success. Over time I learned more about the industry, earned my BAS designation, and attended the Benefit Auction Summit and Conference & Show—all ofContinue reading “Michael Upp”

Joseph B. Diehl, JD, CPA

Five years ago—upon retiring at age 67, I felt that I still had much to do to give back. Decades ago, I started working as a CPA in the for-profit sector; halfway through my career, I became a nonprofit executive. So the transition from being Mr. Over-Achiever to being Mr. Retired-Person was difficult. Having grownContinue reading “Joseph B. Diehl, JD, CPA”

Damien Massart, CAI, AMM, BAS, GPPA

Growing up as a child, my parents taught my three sisters and me many things, including the lesson of giving to receive. As a child, I didn’t fully understand what this meant; however, as the years went by, I slowly began to fully understand and embrace this concept, both in my personal life and inContinue reading “Damien Massart, CAI, AMM, BAS, GPPA”

Jim Alban

The National Auctioneers Foundation’s tagline is “Honoring Our Legacy … Empowering Our Future,” but how? One key way is through our beliefs: “We are committed to giving back to the industry that provides careers for so many professionals pursuing their passion in the wide and varied field of auctions. As part of that big extendedContinue reading “Jim Alban”

John (John John) Genovese, III, CAI, AMM, BAS

The education and assistance within this industry I have received can hardly be put into simple words. As a recipient of a scholarship in the past, I can say without a doubt that the Foundation has been instrumental in my personal and business development.  I donate because the value of the Foundation cannot be ascribedContinue reading “John (John John) Genovese, III, CAI, AMM, BAS”